Autumn Scenery

Autumn Scenery

Autumn Scenery….

Here in Northwest Indiana, the autumn colors at this time of the year are absolutely breathtaking!

I found myself, on Wednesday, to be in a foul mood after having to organize some of my Mom’s belongings. She died at 57 years old, several years ago. To say I miss her would be an understatement…she was truly my best friend and confidant.  I was sad, feeling sorry for myself, and missing her terribly. My youngest child asked me to drive her to school and I am really glad I did.

I was reminded of the beauty and magic that is all around us if only we just open our eyes and look.

Slow down…..breathe…appreciate what IS still here.

Don’t allow memories, wants, ‘what ifs’ to consume us….before you know it, we are swallowed whole.

Today, I thought I would share some of the sights I saw…right out my front door.

I didn’t have to go far to see what was all around me…the whole time.

Always keep in mind that while the day may be gloomy at any given point, beauty can overpower any situation;provide hidden strengths…remind us that tomorrow brings new joys.

As I drove through our neighborhood…..


CP Fall trees

look at the Autumn scenery!


The colors are so vibrant and electrifying….provide energy to my spirit,


The lake near our home


20131107_085435 20131107_090542


I hope you all take time to notice beauty around you, even if not in the same way. It’s there….

I promise. <3

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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