Fall Decorating!!

Fall Decorating!!

Fall Decorating I think we have pretty well covered my love of Fall, as a VERY close second to summer. No season will ever steal the thunder from my first love, my honeybun…Summer. Fall brings such warmth, so different to the warmth that summer offers. Starbucks rolls out the Pumpkin Spice Latte and it begins. […]

Part Two of My Summer Drive By

Summer and Drive- By And….I’m back. How are you? Here in NW Indiana, Mother Nature has straightened up her act and has brought us more reasonable weather. Dare I say that I consider it quite magnificent!!? ( Sshh…. don’t tell…she hates me and will send crap weather as soon as she hears about my delight. […]

My Summer Drive-By

O Summer…… I feel abandoned. Stood up. You had barely just arrived, and now you have gone. Just when it was getting steamy, and exciting…you decide to go. You’re like a dirty birdy imposing a one night stand. You were hot, full of adventure, and then gone. Was I not enough? Did the times we […]