Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour

Let’s take a Christmas Home Tour!!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope it is warmer wherever you are than where I am! This Palm Tree Princess has been seriously freezing to death…one day at a time. The temperatures have been in the single digits, with many days in the negatives when considering wind chill!!!

When the cold weather hits, I hibernate….FULL ON…NO LIE. I don’t leave unless someone needs medical attention, when at all possible. This leaves me with plenty of time to decorate…and decorate I DO!

I will be taking you on a Christmas home tour! ! We will do this in three installments..all this week. I hope this brings you ideas and inspiration for your own homes!!

Grab a cup o’ Joe or cocoa and let’s get started!!!

I love to turn to nature when decorating outdoors. It provides the perfect seasonal decor, and is usually free! We do have a many different types of evergreens planted on our property, along with flowering-type plants that dry beautifully for fall/winter decor. Among these are Sedums, Hydrangea, and even Russian Sage. All of these offer a range of colors and interest to the bland colors winter brings. If you are not lucky enough to have these on your own property, often a quick trip will provide you with whatever you need. Your local nurseries (even Menards) sell evergreen ropes and clippings for reasonable prices. Also, if you have any wooded areas available to you, it is amazing what lies in there to decorate with! Finally, if you have any neighbors with evergreens, they likely will oblige you if you ask nicely! It is actually beneficial to them if you prune the trees back just a bit….you wont need much…a little goes a long way!

Here, I have used my urns to hold my winter garden finds.

I have clipped from Junipers, evergreen shrubs and large tree boughs on our property. I gathered small sticks, dried hydrangea heads, pine cones, and Russian Sage branches. The Russian Sage branches are a silver’ish color that really contrasts against the deep greens of the evergreens.

I left the dirt in the pots ( from summer) and they act as an anchor for the trimmings.

xmas urn porch 2013

Next, a can of spray flocking (found at any craft store) adds a winter touch. These urns sit under an archway, and get hit with very little real snow due to the protective cover. I love how the flocking spray makes them look!

Christmas village, christmas decorating, christmas decor, decorating on a budget

The archways are also decorated with evergreen boughs. This particular one came from a school fundraiser that sells wreaths and Christmas greens.

We strung white icicle lights in it, along with Dollar Tree snowflakes hung from invisible fishing line.At night, the lights offer a twinkling backdrop for the snowflakes as they gently dance in the winter breeze.

Christmas village, christmas decorating, christmas decor, decorating on a budget

I took the existing garland base that I use year round for the front door, ( click here and here for more pictures) and added more fresh evergreens to it. Ribbons, real pine cones and snowflakes complete the look.

Christmas village, christmas decorating, christmas decor, decorating on a budget

To the left of the front door sits an antique sled I picked up in Saugatuck, Michigan this fall. ( Read about that trip here!)

sled decor outside

I hope you enjoyed this part of the Christmas Home Tour!! Check back on Wednesday for a look inside our home!!

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