Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Welcome to the tour of our Christmas Village..which is the last installment of our Christmas Home Tour!!! (If you missed previous posts, the entire series can be found here.)

Ever since I was small, I have been intrigued by Christmas Villages. My maternal great-aunt always had one up, and I looked forward every season to seeing it. There is something magical about these small towns, complete with their own atmosphere and people…..getting to peek in whenever you want.

Perhaps it is a way to create a refuge….or a magical place that only exists in our dreams.

Our village sits in a prominent spot in our main living room, right under the wall-mounted T.V.

At night, it glows warmly…inviting the passerby to peek inside.

Ready to travel to this small, quaint town? C’mon….let’s go!!

Christmas village, christmas decorating , christmas decor xmas village overview

xmas village pond view

Now let’s take a closer look…..

winter festival overview villageThere is a Winter Festival going on….( signs made from polymer clay)

Complete with a Doggie Parade….

pet parade xmas villageThe Postman is delivering the mail…while it snows….

postman xmas villageAt the end of town, people ice-fish and play. Carolers sing from the church…that sits up on the mountain.

pond village rock viewShoppers try and remember what they are forgetting….while others dance away at the Dance Hall.

A family prepares to light the tree….

lighting the tree xmas village

dance studio xmas village

xmas village Italy

The parade passes the Dentist, Pharmacist and Optometrist….

Eye Dr Dentist Village

hot cocoa stand villageTownspeople wait in the snow for a cup of cocoa to warm them up…

cocoa 2 village cocoa view

At the other end of town, campers load up wood into their trucks…preparing to find refuge from the storm.

campers xmas villageHunters perch high in their stands overlooking the woods, just under their hunting cabin.

hunters villageHikers exit the trails as the snow intensifies!

hikers village

Every year, I set the village up to tell a different story….

What will next year’s story bring?


I truly hope you enjoyed the look into our village as much as we do. It gets a lot of attention from visitors, especially the kids!!

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