Pimp Your Dollar Tree Pumpkins!

Pimp Your Dollar Tree Pumpkins!

Dollar Tree Pumpkins… The store has them every fall, just prior to Halloween.

We have all seen them, probably bought them and decided they could look better!

For a $1, they are a bargain…but they have this hideous and obvious line around the middle from where they stuck the styrofoam together! Plus, they are hazard orange…not especially a great color unless you’re planning on using them as road warnings. Then again, they’re $1…how much can we ask?

DT line on Pumpk

Let’s purdify these babies!!

For this DIY tutorial you will need:

  • Caulk or drywall filler
  • Paint ( I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- ASCP)Make sure it’s NOT oil based, it will eat the styrofoam.
  • Glitter- I used several colors
  • Mod Podge ( or equivalent)
  • Liquid gilding ( I used Martha Stewart)
  • Brown Glaze or wax ( I used ASCP dark wax)
  • Paint brushes, foam brush for Mod Podge
  • Some leaves or adornments. (I used leaves pulled off a Dollar Tree floral stem.)
  • Ribbon ( I used burlap and leopard)


We will start by minimizing the unsightly line. For this step, we can use drywall filler or silicon caulk. I had the caulk on hand (without going to the garage), but either works well. Start by putting a line across the line. You want to fairly generous with the amount, as you will be smoothing it out.

applying caulk pump

Take your damp finger and smooth it over the line. Being anal about this step is not necessary, as all pumpkins in nature have imperfections….BUT

caulking pumpkin

try feathering it out as you near the edge, otherwise we are just creating a line elsewhere!

Let that sucker dry :-)

Once dry, we are going to paint these babies. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…use whatever you prefer.

I used Paris Grey ( grey), Duck Egg ( blue grey), and Old White (cream) colors, but feel free to use what you want. I prefer the finish of ASCP, as they are soft and once finished with the wax the finish is gorgeous!

chalk painting pump

apply ASCP gourds

Here I am painting some gourds from DT I got as well.

I did two coats of each color. You will notice that the previous line is greatly diminished.

While you have the paint out, cover the leaves with a think coat. I like to use a think coat so that the natural color does peek through slightly.

painting a leaf

While these dried  (chalk paint dries in about 20 min), I painted a pumpkin in copper-colored liquid gilding medium. This goes on heavy, and covers completely in one coat!

gilding bottleCopper pump paint process

SIDE NOTE: I traced the outline of a votive holder and cut it out in the above pic that you will see later :-)

You can also do what I did and dry brush another accent color on top of the base coat. Let dry completely in between colors otherwise it will muddy the colors.

Once you have painted all of your pumpkins/gourds and let the dry completely…it’s time to sparkl’ify!! Break out the glitter!

I mixed several different colors of glitter in a container. I used my judgement as to what I thought complimented the ones I wanted to sparkle.

leaf glue brush

Mod Podge the outer edges ONLY of each leaf., unless you prefer the entire leaf to be covered. With glitter…I think less is more..so..well…yeah.

While STILL WET, dip each leaf edge into the container of  mixed glitter. I used a separate container so I didn’t get product in the original glitter product.

leaf dip glitter

glitt leaf done

Move on and repeat this process to the pumpkins. I brushed it around the stem, and partially down the sides.

copper pumpk 2

Some pumpkins I left alone, and simply finished with a dark wax to age them back a bit. If you don’t have dark wax, you may use a dark glaze, or shoe polish ( yes…I said shoe polish) to age them.

The ASCP wax will also deepen and enhance the color and finish. You can also coat with Mod Podge if you prefer to protect the finish.

Whichever method, make sure all paint and glitter has dried completely before finishing.

Pay attention to the creases and natural bumps, if glazing/waxing, so that it settles into these areas.

I used the dark wax around the stems, particuarly.

dark wax applc

Some of them I finished with ribbon & burlap…others I chose to leave glittered or simply dark waxed.

burlap pumpk2

You can add acorns,pinecones or more leaves to your finished pumpkin! I added the votive and it looked really pretty once lit!

Here are the finished pimped out pumpkins!! :-)

Burlap Pumpk

blue pumpk

leopd pumpk

blue burlap copper pumpk



all pumpk


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