Fall Decorating!!

Fall Decorating!!

Fall Decorating

I think we have pretty well covered my love of Fall, as a VERY close second to summer. No season will ever steal the thunder from my first love, my honeybun…Summer.

Fall brings such warmth, so different to the warmth that summer offers. Starbucks rolls out the Pumpkin Spice Latte and it begins. Right then and there. That day. Doesn’t matter if Mother Nature is still having mood swings and sending crazy warm temps, it is time to decorate as soon as I sip the magic of a PSL.

I will be changing up my décor closer to Halloween, adding little touches here and there to”spookify ” our crib….and so my kids still think I am cool.

As if.

Anyway, I will not ramble….let’s get to it! You’re about to get picture slammed!!

 O wait…hang on…Interjection  ↓


In case you were wondering about these …

They are amazing. I heard. I did not eat half a bag to find out. No. That would be crazy, I know. No…I didn’t. Why would I complain about the fat tire around my middle and then do that?



Moving right along……….

Here is what I have done to our front door

Fall Wreath 2013

Wreath is made from burlap. The ‘Autumn’ sign is once again made from scrap wall trim that I painted and wrote ‘Autumn’. Such a clever sentiment, I know!! Don’t judge.

I wanted to incorporate my love of turquoise into my fall scheme. I love it. :-)

I decorated the front door with Deco Mesh, purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Fall front door 2013

The garland is the same framework I used for my summer decorating. It is used all year. I mounted a 2×4  to the exterior of the  upper door frame with sturdy hooks. Three holes were drilled into the board. I laid the garland across the top of the 2×4 and wire wrapped it to the frame. I pulled the wires through the 3  holes and secured it in the back. This allows the plain garland to then hang evenly around the sides of the door. Once in place, the garland can be decorated as I choose, depending on the style and season I am focusing on. It also acts as a foundation for the materials I use on top, ultimately hiding the garland almost completely.( Shown below)

fall 2013 front porch door view

Fall Porch table

A lantern I bought this summer decorated for fall…..

Can you smell the apples and cinnamon?

Fall Lantern

We have a large fireplace mantle in our family room and another in the kitchen. I love to decorate both.

This one in the family room is incorporated with white lights, and glows warmly in the evening. I added some sparkly tulle fabric to add more glitter to the twinkling lights.

Fall garland FP Closeup

LR Fall Mantle

Fall FP sign garland

The sign was made from scrap plywood…I simply painted the board and the words onto it.

fall blackboard

The same kitchen blackboard you saw for summer ( check previous posts), is now decorated in a fall theme.

Fall Topiary

I made the topiary using pumpkins I had around. Some are styrofoam, others are ceramic. ( I am guessing?) I simply painted them, made them look more “aged” with glaze/paint and  glued them to one another! In between, I added sprigs of fall stems, acorns, leaves…etc. The pot they sit in is one I had, I believe from Old Time Pottery.

 Round table sits in the corner of the kitchen :-) Fall Round table

The kitchen fireplace……

Kitchen Mantle

Well….happy Friday everyone!!

The hubs and I are off to Saugatuck Michigan for my B-Day stay at the B&B I mentioned!!

I need to go pack…..I am late today.

What else is new.

I will be back  with Part Two, where I will post my Halloween/ Fall Village I put up this year.

Yes….your not the first to call me insane, It’s cool. I am ok with it. :-)

See you Monday!!

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  2. […] took the existing garland base that I use year round for the front door, ( click here and here for more pictures) and added more fresh evergreens to it. Ribbons, real pinecones and snowflakes […]

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