Fall Village Insanity

Fall Village Insanity

Fall Village


So, I warned you.

 I TOLD you I adored Fall.

I meant it.

So much so…that I have built a village in my living room dedicated to this very time of year. The only thing it is missing is a Starbucks..in the town center.

Or a Pumpkin Spice Latte water tower.

Give me time…I am working on that.



I have carved the platforms and streets out of Styrofoam and painted them.

All tombstones and pumpkins were made by using polymer clay, and proved to be a fun project for my youngest daughter and I.

No…really. It was :-)

The village sits in my family room, our main room…right under our T.V.

Vilage overview

And yes….it DOES have a haunted section. Doesn’t every town?


We have a bakery, and a pumpkin patch….

cupcake cottage

Autumn Acres Village Autumn acres 2

Our local shoe shop…because a fairytale wouldn’t be complete without shoes!

Shoe shop village FALL

The fishin’ is good at the local pond….

lake village

Local Bed & Breakfast and Tack Shop ….

B and B Village tack shop

As you walk through town…it gets a little darker…spookier.

The sound of thunder can be heard along with the screeching of bats, faint sounds of pain.

Lightning crashes…..

Haunted steps

Haunted House Village

(The black houses were purchased at the Dollar Tree and spray painted black)

Village graveyard You stumble upon a weeded over cemetery…

Purple eyes glow in the darkness.

Bones litter the path and a coyote howls as you pass a cave….

cave bones

Where did you go?

What is that behind you?

Hairs standing on end….what was that?

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I’ve started my fall/Halloween village. Addicting!! I love seeing other people with the same interest. Very cute!!


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