Fostering Greyhounds

Fostering Greyhounds is an experience that will change you….

Without foster homes, rescue organizations struggle to exist.

Back in 2011, our family adopted our first retired racing greyhound from the rescue group American Greyhound.

We immediately began fostering greyhounds, and have had our doors open ever since. :-)

For more information on how we, as a family, came to be a family that opens their home and hearts to foster unwanted racing greyhounds, please read about our story by clicking here!

When greyhounds are no longer wanted by the racing industry, rescue groups step in to take the hounds, to save them from a cruel death. The rescue groups often travel thousands of miles to receive the hounds, drive them safely back to their foster families. Having a foster family ready allows more hounds to be saved.

Greyhounds are born at the track and do not leave until they are rescued.Therefore, the hounds have never been exposed to the most common household items…such as glass windows, tile/wood floors, vacuums, or (lol) family MEMBERS. :-) It is all new to them. They have never been loved, hugged, slept in a warm bed, been protected. Although some are very curious, most arrive jarred by the long drive, scared, untrusting and quite dirty.

Our job begins the day our new baby arrives.


Click picture to read more clearly

We are the bridge to their new life…where they will be loved , honored and respected for the first time in their lives.

We give them a bath, talk gently to them and try and gain their trust.


It’s ok now baby…you are safe now <3



Each one gets a trip to the vet for a checkup, teeth cleaning, vaccinations and spay/neuter. The rescue group pays for this, our job is to simply help transport them to the appointment and heal .

Some have a hard time….but love and special meals are often the trick!


impy surgery


Trust takes time and patience, but always comes :-)

Pretty soon..they are playing with new toys…..


and “smiling”!


They learn how to be a pet, and get along with others….


They start trusting and becoming curious…

sissy curious


netta Tp Shadow  channie

Fostering greyhounds changes not only their lives, but the foster families’ as well.

It teaches our children unconditional love, respect, and giving for the greater good of someone else.

To know we are are part of their journey, to find their forever find love, honor and protection…is irreplaceable.


From here….↓


To here….↓

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We are honored and proud to be this bridge and be a part of their journey!!

To learn more about fostering greyhounds, please contact your local rescue group! If you are in Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana, or the surrounding Chicagoland area, you can contact

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