Our Greyhounds

Our amazing Greyhounds, let me introduce you!

As I previously mentioned in my bio page, we have a few dogs. A few more than the average house.


We have five dogs. Yes. 5 :-)

A mini long-haired dachshund, a lab mix and 3 greyhounds…Sadie, Sasha, & Ernie.

We are also a full-time foster family for American Greyhound!

Don’t gasp at the amount…it’s a good story :-) 

Here it is:

We are a family of animal lovers. As a child, growing up, I never had the opportunity to have a pet due to family allergies. I knew I wanted one the moment I moved out on my own, and I have had a dog ( or a few) ever since.

But greyhounds? They took over my life…in the best way possible. <3

I have always loved greyhounds. I always thought they were regal looking and elegant. However, I knew very little about them, other than they were fast and they raced.In 2011, we were at our County Fair and met a group from our area, American Greyhound, that were dedicated to rescuing retired racing greyhounds.We asked questions, met some greyhounds and their families, and talked to foster families.

What we learned and what we saw, changed the course of our immediate and long-term goals and plans. Our lives changed that very day.We knew we had to help, become involved. Do what we could to make a difference in the lives of the greyhounds, wherever we could.

Racing greyhounds for entertainment is cruel and soley for the purpose of monetary gain and entertainment of people. The expense to these animals is astounding. Their welfare is not respected; the greyhounds are considered, and treated, as livestock.

American Greyhound, as well as other rescue groups, travel thousands of miles ( usually to Alabama & Florida) to rescue these hounds. If not for them, and the foster families waiting at home…these babies would never know what it is like to be loved, cared for…to have a family.

Greyhounds spend the majority of their day in a small kennel, only being let out to practice, race, or relieve themselves. The pen areas are often filthy. Here is a picture taken by volunteers that went to the track to rescue a group of dogs.


Photo courtesy of American Greyhound


Photo courtesy of American Greyhound

Photo courtesy of American Greyhound

Every year, the racing industry breeds far more dogs than the industry can support.This is unfortunately perpetuated by the tracks’ desire to produce a “winner”…a dog that races well and ultimately brings in more money for them.Those that are deemed ‘poor racers’ ( AKA poor $$ makers) are discarded.

Not by means of euthanasia. They are often killed in ways I don’t want to discuss, here. Google it….learn about it, please. They need the public’s education!

Instead, I want to focus on the amazing personalities of these dogs!!


It is often thought by people that greyhounds are high energy pets, because they can run so fast. Nothing could be further from the truth!! This breed is content to lounge on a dog bed all darn day….and will make themselves a permanent part of your sofa, if allowed.


Sadie, the greyhound, is dreaming of peanut butter biscuits..

They deep sleep all blessed day..most days.


Greyhounds are quiet and rarely bark. They have a gentle spirit and can instantly calm a room, or a sad heart…just by being themselves.


They, usually, are wonderful with children.



Ernie, the greyhound, is so happy being snuggled as my son naps


Sasha enjoys a bedtime story….


There is the exception, but greyhounds also can get along with other breeds, smaller dogs and cats.


Sasha, the 73lb Greyhound, easily makes rooms for Toby, the 7 lb Dachshund, on a dog bed. Wish my kids shared like this!!


They LOVE to get dressed up ( no matter what my husband says) for special holidays and events!!! :-)


Sadie poses in her Halloween Costume. Look at that smile!!


Sasha waits in her Halloween costume for the family to finish getting their duds on….so patient!


Sadie and Ernie on the way to the 4th of July parade

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Ernie LOVES the 4th of July parade!!


Sadie at the parade…happy!!


Ernie is all ready for the St. Patrick’s Day parade!


I could continue to photo bomb all day, as these amazing dogs have provided us with so many amazing memories and such extreme happiness!! They truly are unique, and seem to realize and deeply appreciate that they were “rescued”.

They are our family <3 <3

Please click here to learn about the fostering aspect of our lives!! It also brings enormous joy!!

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