Home Decorating from the Crypt….

Home Decorating from the Crypt….

Home Decorating from the Crypt

Today I forced myself out of the house after a really exciting couple of days with the stomach herpes.

Ok…so maybe it wasn’t really…but dagnabit if it didn’t feel that way. Actually, I am just guessing here, because I don’t have a comparison…but let’s run with the visual for impact sake.

Whatever it was, it was awful. Burning, nausea, pain and cramps. There luckily was ZERO making out with the porcelain Godess…but man…maybe I would felt better sooner if I had purged.


Moving right along……

My middle daughter had to go to her ortho appointment, so on the way back to school…we accidentally wound up at Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.


and a tomato mozzarella Panini…but that is irrelevant, right? I agree.

We live in a small town known for it’s antique stores and offerings….so we also made a  quick  pit-stop in a few of my favorite stores.

My favorite store is in our downtown, and across from this beauty….our city Courthouse.

CP courthouse

I was hunting for some barn wood to make a French sign for the kitchen…with some words about chocolate or coffee.

I hit the jackpot!!!

 barn wood selections

This is reclaimed barn wood…and will be PERFECTO for my project!

The store is called Old Green Shutters, and it is FILLED with treasures just waiting to be repurposed and restored!

bottles old green shutters

green shutter store merch

This baby right here…I have my eye on…as I LOVE the details. I can see this painted in chalk or milk paint  ( Gasp to all wood lovers) and distressed and aged to bring out the ornate details. Sigh…..

Chest old green shutters

I eventually dropped her back at school so she could absorb her nuggets of knowledge ( And because we have a strict attendance policy).

I headed home with my barn wood treasures to get started….and broke out these babies that I picked up on our weekend in Michigan.

annie sloan paintI came across a store that was a stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!! I live really close to Chicago, and there are several stockists in that area, but I would rather suffer the stomach herpes, again,  than put myself through the traffic experience.

Now…to some of you…this picture and revelation means nothing, as you may not have clue ( nor care) what this paint is all about. ( Do a search to find what all the hub bub is about!)

To those that know….OMG…it was a good day.

I have already tested and worked some magic with these products and am going to do a full review.


I chose three colors that really “spoke” to me from the samples…

( From left to right) Duck Egg, Paris Grey, and Old White.

ASCP color samples

(I also made sure to get both the clear and dark waxes for a try and eval.)

Here are the barn wood pieces I ended up  with…complete with original nail holes. They were a couple of dollar each.

barn wood

Yes…the leaves were dropping everywhere, I gave up trying to get a shot without them.

My poor pond is littered with them….tomorrow I must put on a leaf net because I am soon going to end up with decayed leaf soup instead of pond water. Yum.

But it looks purdy….

leaves in pond

Gotta run….back to painting!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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