I’m BAAACK!! Fall Beauty…

I’m BAAACK!! Fall Beauty…

Hello Everyone!!!

Gosh…it’s been awhile!! Between illness running rampant in our home and changing this blog over to a new platform…I got sucked into the abyss of ‘ where has the day gone’? Before I knew it….a month had passed. With all of the gory details (withheld) behind me now, I am BACK to running on a more normal blogging schedule!!

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the change in season, wherever you might be. :-)

We certainly have.

Photo minefield ahead…..


I sooooooo love this time of year. The vibrancy of fall leaf color that warms up the scenery with it’s personality, and the scents that fall brings make my heart happy.

It is SUCH a beautiful transition where I live. When I awake each morning, no matter how gloomy the weather may be, the colors penetrate the view and wake me up…reminds me of the beauty all around!

This is my morning view from my bedroom….which sits up high in the ‘A-frame’ part of our home ..sort of like a tree house. Who needs lights on when the colors light up the room?!

fall bed window

Of course, we must start any fall day with the proper accoutrements!! PSL PLEASE! I raise my glass to you!!


Here is the view fall brings as I sit on my covered front porch, drinking my coffee….

fall porch view

This time of year, for me, brings long drives…..in search of hidden treasures, antique malls, and scenery.

I absolutely adore our Courthose building…set against the crisp fall sky!!


My daughter, Autumn, and I spent a day together doing all of the above. We shopped;the courthouse above has quaint shops inside and is located across from a 3 story antique mall. We headed into the fall scenery and of course brought our pumpkin coffee warmth with us.

antique mall

Autumn tree

Fairgrounds in fall

autumn fair

CP Fall trees

Halloween in our area was postponed one night due to the inclement weather. Just wasn’t safe with the high winds and wet roads to set hoards of little ones out into it. Wet roads, darkness and kids don’t mix. :-(

Nonetheless, our little one was able to enjoy it the following evening…

I love our small town.

The streets are lined with homes built as far back as the early 1800′s, and  streets are heavily tree lined….

Ash Halloween fall tree

Everyone decorates..and it lends a happy feeling to the atmosphere. Most people sit on their porches if the weather permits.

CP Porch Pic

Fall church pic

halloween silly face

Here is Ashleigh blowing you all a kiss <3 ….we hope everyone had a happy Halloween!!!

Coming up NEXT on My Fairyality :

I am transitioning from the bright , colorful,  traditional Fall &Halloween colors to more neutral fall decor.

I will show you my take on this…as well as how to spruce up those $1 Dollar Tree pumpkins!!

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