Snow…in early November!

Snow…in early November!

Snow…in early November say whaaaa?

It is official Mother Nature is laughing at me.


Just when I thought I had this life by the kahunas, she threw me a FAST ball.

I swung…and whiffed.


The hubs is also in the doghouse…here …let me explain….

On Sunday, we were cleaning up the yard and readying the goldfish pond for winter. Leaves were raked, pumps were changed out in the pond.

I began untying all of the cushions to the patio furniture, for they were still waiting for ONE LAST NICE DAY.

The hubs wanted me to wait, ” 1)It’s still nice out, 2)I might smoke a cigar out here one night, 3)what if I want to sit under the stars one last time?”


We have lived here 10 years and that has never happened without force.


Stares and crickets back and forth…a tug o’war with eyes and subliminal messages.

 I conceded…who am I to argue with him?

I am stupid…that’s who.

He really wanted to just sneak in to watch football. I was duped.

And then, on Monday, THIS HAPPENED

palm tree snow home   beach chair snow

Yes….that IS a pool float still sitting on the chaise lounge.

Why? Ask my husband.

Perhaps he was gonna use it as an added cushion for his adventure under the stars.


If you read my bio (here), you would know that I LOVE…no I LOOOOVE warm weather, palm trees and beaches.

I am nicknamed ‘The Palm Tree Princess’.

So, today…I thought we could travel somewhere warm….somewhere far away.

Wanna come with?

Here is a margarita…good, isn’t it? :-)

Now sit back…we leave in a few!

bags packed

Bags are packed and we are ready to go!!

In 2011 we visited the Riviera Maya, Mexico. :-)

My kids love to fly and handle it well. Look at those clouds!

airplane window

We are headed to the beach cabana chairs. They are like beds with a roof, and they are DIVINE.

bach palm view mexico - Copy

Yes, if you have never been to the Caribbean…the water is THAT blue.

me beach kindle - CopyDid you hear that tropical bird sing in the distance against the sound of the ocean waves crashing?

palm beach view 3

This will be our view as we sip our cold foo foo drinks. Hear the rustle of the palm leaves? Feel that gentle breeze caressing your skin? I know…feels amazing!

palm tree beach

Look!!! I even found a Starbucks in the jungle!!!! It really IS paradise!!!

Starbucks jungleThis is how happy we are about it!!

girls mom mexico - Copy

girls swing mexico - Copy

We even put on a sombrero….to celebrate!

ash sombrero

We spent our days, lounging, taking in the views and soaking up the atmosphere.

ash cowboy hat

Look Daddy, I stole your hat!!


beach cabana view mexico

My view from “my” sunbed every day.

hubs beach mexico - Copy

The hubs when he really was lounging…just not at home.

hotel sunset mexico - Copy

The evenings were magical, under the stars and hearing the ocean crash in the distance

girls walkway lanterns night mexico

Pathways were illuminated by twinkle lights and lanterns hung from tropical foliage.

We decided to have family photos done to capture our family on this trip…

family pic mexico2

family pic mexicoBut all good things must end….

girls facing ocean mexico - Copy

girls sad leaving - Copy

None of us wanted to leave


And now? Now…in early November, we have THIS↓

trees snow nov home


Have a Happy Tuesday everyone….and stay warm!!

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