A Magical Weekend in Saugatuck

A Magical Weekend in Saugatuck

 Saugatuck, Michigan…A Magical Weekend

This weekend ….

renewed me…

made me fall in love again…

reminded me of the small things that life had taken hostage…

Made my heart beat fast all over again.

Isn’t it a shame that this life we tend to lead..at such a hurried pace…puts miles on the heart? It takes us away from the things that renew our spirits, our love and the small things that can make such a huge difference.

 This weekend was spent with my one and only true love. The one who I would love to shake sometimes, but the only one who has ever truly had my heart…completely. The one who knows me better than anyone ever has, and still loves me. Accepts me. Doesn’t try to change me. Wants to make me happy.

The one I sometimes wonder if I deserve.

 My hubby.

He took me to Saugatuck Michigan this past weekend for a birthday getaway. He reserved a B & B.

We slept in a mansion built in 1860, with a window open and early fall breezes drifting in…in an antique metal brass bed.

My best friend was next to me.

I ate breakfast with him, in a sun-room bright with the day’s possibilities and promise. It overlooked a park that offered the occasional laughter of a small child, gorgeous flowers and landscape.

We talked about things not allowed at a family table. We laughed and smiled. We reminisced about the past and made plans for our future. We said I love you….

We dated…for 36 hours.

It was glorious.

We shopped. We ate at quaint cafes and stopped in coffee shops. We bought, from unique stores, trinkets to bring home and remind us of a weekend that renewed two people who had drifted….just a little.

We walked, hand in hand under the high fall moon.

We hugged on the street as the crisp fall breeze embraced us.

Let me share with you…….

Saugatuck’s  Maplewood Hotel (B&B)

maplewood inn front

Our open bedroom window preview the gorgeous fall colors awakening.

In evening, cool fall breezes and tranquil sounds of nature drifted in and invited you to sleep soundly….

open window

Breakfast served in a beautiful sun-room, overlooking lush grounds and a park setting.

Quiche Saugatuck

breakfast room

breakfasr room 2

Side view of sunroom from outside

Maplewood Hotel Side View

The reading room, a brightly lit room overlooking Butler Street….the main artery running through this quaint town.sunroom hotel front

First room off the entry , to the left. The above is directly right, FP room front

Chandelier above main door and entry welcomes you home in the evenings…..


Hallway to our room↓


Outside front door…

pots hotel

View of the Memorial to those who have served outside and in front of park….

memorial saugatuck

After breakfast, we walked downtown Saugatuck ( mere steps away) and headed to our favorite local coffee house, The Uncommon Grounds.

A local gathering place, it isn’t ‘uncommon’ (LOL) to find family pets hanging out waiting for their owners who are getting their octane and doggie biscuits. ( yes…they seriously DO have biscuits for the fur family.)


uncommon grounds window out irish setter

uncommon grounds sconeuncommon grounds

We walked the town…took in the fall colors and scenery

Fenn Tasting room

A local winery had a tasting room downtown…. but we visited the actual winery later in the day.wine window


Boat tours offering the last of the season paddled by…. Fall colors and decorated shops….


 fall leaves

fall store front merchandise


We took a drive down country roads alive with the start of fall colors….

headed towards Holland Michigan. ( 15 minutes away from Saugatuck)

fall road

Holland Michigan is filled with Dutch flavor, introductions and history.

And ..lots of windmills :-)

holland windmill

Bell Tower that rings out Dutch hymns …in the Dutch Village Centerbell tower

full bell tower

Inside the Dutch Village holland mote

We made other friends while perusing the village….. duck

We went to a few local antique shops and picked up a few treasures for repurposing, later.

We visited a local winery, Fenn Valley. The grounds were gorgeous!

We enjoyed a wine tasting…..got a ‘lil  schnockered. fenn valley sign

grape train

Drank wine under a canopy of grapevines

vine canopy

And overlooked the vineyard grounds


purple grapes vinyeard view  fall grape leaves

We were NOT as buzzed as we looked here,

No. I swear.

eric and i 2

Back in downtown Saugatuck for dinner…..

In the evenings, we strolled the shops …which are magical set against the dark evening background. They beg you to come in and look around. fall store window

green store window


We stopped in our local fav Chocolatier …Kilwins. They make the chocolate and fudge right there, in front of a giant picture window.



A favorite Tea Shop of mine, and I don’t even really like tea. But, I adore this shop…the smells that waft from it and the warmth of it always invites me inside.

tea shop


A magical weekend.

I am renewed and I clearly remember why I married my best friend  almost 10 years ago this November.

I love you baby….you truly made me feel like a princess. Thank you

Next time on My Fairyality….My Fall Village and Chalk Paint!


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