411 on Me

411 On Me

Hi! I am happy you found me….

My name is Heather….AKA coffee house addict. Wife. Mommy to 3. Sister. Furbaby Mama to ( eh-hum ) 5 . Yes 5. ( It’s ok…I clean ..very well.. and it’s a good thing… we rescue retired racing greyhounds!) I adore traveling to anywhere, anytime. My fav color is turquoise blue…like the ocean. Did I mention I love coffee? O yay…& I love to read. Chick lit….

Pretty basic stuff…except I have an obsession with shopping for home decor, decorating and well, all things related. A-Z & in between. Problem is, I usually cannot afford (or more realistically I am too cheap to fork over the money) to pay for said obsession. You know…caviar taste with a tuna fish budget.

I adore transforming something old or outdated into a treasure, a masterpiece. Even more, I love when someone ( usually a man..except mine…he is trained better than that. Believe me? Good…more lies coming) tells me something cannot be done. “Wait till ‘he’ can do it.” Umm..no. I also have an extreme case of ‘get out of my way & watch me’ and ‘but..I want it NOW’. ( I am in therapy for that….it’s all good.)This has resulted, over the years, in a lot of DIY. I mean…A LOT. A ton really.

Home decorating and ‘domesticating’ ( love that word, huh?) restores peace to my cluttered head. Whether it’s inside or outside…if it’s home related….I am all over it. I also use my weight in paint every year. No…for real. It covers a multitude of sins. Latex, oil based, spray….I am not discriminatory ….if it covers, I use it. It has been said by some, who know me well, that if you stand still next to me too long…you WILL be painted.

I believe our homes should reflect our personalities. Our spaces should bring us comfort, & provide a refuge from the sometimes chaotic world we exist in. They should — make.us.happy.

Decorating, DIY & creative reflection doesn’t have to be hard, nor should we have to sell blood ( or a dog) to affford such outlets. Further, it doesn’t have to be complicated!! Usually, all we need is a boost of confidence to set us on our way….a ” well really…if she can do it…ESPECIALLY her = then I totally can!” I am here to do that!

Come with me, enter my little corner of the universe.We will explore life, struggles, triumphs. We will rant, share advice, recipes and often relate….& we will decorate everything along the way!!

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