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 The Palm Tree Princess Writes a Blog…..

 In case you didn’t get a great sense of the chick I am from my 411 page (and my need to probably speak to a Dr. about getting some Ritalin) ….this page is serving as an even bigger introduction, AND MY FIRST  OFFICIAL BLOG POST!

Buckle up…..I am about to go into monologue mode.

We established my name. I am also known to my FB peeps, friends and fam as the Palm Tree Princess. Why? Because there isn’t a girl who loves a tropical setting more than me. (No. There isn’t….I don’t believe you.) I got a taste of the palm trees and balmy breezes flavor early in life thanks to my maternal grandparents, as they owned a time share in Acapulco. (This was back in the glorious days of Love Boat and before decapitation in the streets took over. I digress) I was bitten by the warm breezes, gentle sway of the palms… and it was over. I’ve  hated winter ever since. I HATE IT. I travel somewhere warm often. When I am not traveling, I am dreaming of traveling ( and home décor) and usually throwing a tantrum that I am NOT somewhere warm. Ok. Maybe not a tantrum…but definitely pouty lips.

 Here are some pictures from a family trip to Mexico! Meet my husband Eric, my son Brian, my daughters Ashleigh (younger) and Autumn. :-)



Riviera Maya, Mexico. Hotel view

Our family....

Our family….

My husband Eric and Lil 'ol Me

My husband Eric and Lil ‘ol Me

I have lived my entire life in Indiana, a large part in the Northwest part. While I despise cold …I must admit that I absolutely adore the season’s change. Although my favorite has got to be Autumn ( after all…I DID name a kid after it), I thoroughly enjoy watching each season change our landscape, and bring in it’s own personality and events. (Except Winter. Christmas is awesome..and I love Starbucks’ red cup offerings…but come January 1st….I am WAY over it.)

Mmmmmm....Red Cup Season!!

Mmmmmm….Red Cup Season!!

As previously stated  I absolutely adore all things related to home. Wait. That is a lie. A HUGE lie. I don’t love cleaning. I despise laundry. I hate homework. I don’t like school or even sending my kids to school. Hate me…but I don’t. I love having long days at home with them without a schedule or a routine to be forced into…that’s just not me. However, I do enjoy the free time the school year affords me…if I have to find one good reason. Ok. There it is.

I am currently a stay-at-home engineer. Face it..that’s what we are. (Wikipedia the definition and compare notes. Toldya.)

I have worked various jobs since I was 15. I even owned my own business (decorative painting) back in the early 2000′s. I put that on hiatus when my youngest was born. I have been trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grown up for years. I went back to school for nursing. Turns out the school schedule I needed and my kids’ school schedules conflicted. MAJORLY. That had to wait…kids come first. So…I decided to become a travel agent. ( Great idea for a Palm Tree Princess, right!? I KNOW!!) But…( sigh) as it turns out….I have an extremely high radar for BS and very low tolerance for old ladies who impose high school behavior. I was sad for awhile. Stuck. Had a great pity party..and yes…I brought wine to it. Then it hit me!

 I love blogs. Especially Mommy/DIY/ Home  blogs. I eat them up. I will start my own!!!!

 After all, people are always saying to me….

  • You should sell that!!
  • How did you do that?!?
  • You need to come to my house and do that for me!!

 While I don’t do house calls…. I DO love empowering other women ( or men…I don’t discriminate!) to become creative! I LOVE relating and listening, sharing and conversing!

One of the things I love about talking to some of my closest girlfriends is that we “GET” one another. I can call my closest friends in hysterics and threaten almost anything and they will bring me back off that ledge. Women have a secret  posse like that. On the other hand, a lot of  my friends work outside the home, and are not always available for my hysteria or need to vent. Enter the secret world of ‘BlogDom’!! I found out that there were women ALL OVER with the same decorating ADHD I suffered from. They hated their husbands once a month….they swore and drank wine too! They admitted NOT having it all together as a mommy some days, and even admitted things that the PTA Pod People frown upon!!!

So…here I am.

I come to you to share. My life. My ideas. My dreams. Perhaps, my personality will not fit all….and that’s ok. It’s how I roll. I encourage feedback, opinions and discussions….Just be polite and use your manners. If not, I reserve the right to remove any nastypants. Either way, I am honored you read this..and have found my little corner of the world!



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