My Summer Drive-By

O Summer……

I feel abandoned. Stood up. You had barely just arrived, and now you have gone. Just when it was getting steamy, and exciting…you decide to go. You’re like a dirty birdy imposing a one night stand. You were hot, full of adventure, and then gone. Was I not enough? Did the times we spent together not make YOU as happy as they made me?

Fine….go….leave me wanting more.


Hello everyone….this week has been one big hoopla with a bi-polar Mother Nature. She may want  to see someone about that, and get some medication. Monday started off with a steamy, 100% humidity scorcher with a heat index over 100º. Now?Friday? 63 º, drizzle, windy as all get out and gray.


So….it has officially ended for me. The weather has crapped out and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially  at Starbucks ( as previously stated). This means…..I am embracing FALL!!!

Before I can post my fall decorating insanity, we MUST pay respects to my love, Summer. Summer will always be my first love muffin…my boo….my sugarplum. I love you Summer….and I will hold you close to my beating, yearning heart until we can be together again.


Summer brought us long, lazy days by the pool….( except for crazy child….lazy isn’t in her vocab)

 Ash jumping pool

And relaxing evenings for drinking wine poolside…..

Summer Deck pool torch view

There were trips to the beach….. ( Lake Michigan)

Ash Beach Saugatuck

and gorgeous sunsets to end our days……..


Summer made us want to bring the beach inside, and incorporate our beach love with our home.

Farewell Summer 2013

 beach wreath( wreath made from burlap, and sea glass. The shells were leftovers from past vacations, and  ”sea life” was made from polymer clay, as I didn’t have access to the real thing. The sign ‘At The Beach’ was made using a scrap piece of wall trim!)

A blackboard I have hanging in the kitchen, is always decorated for the seasons. It was originally an old, dated mirror that I embellished and painted. The mirror was painted over using blackboard paint.

summer blackboard

Beach lantern

And of course…..Summer brought out the desire to sprout a green thumb and plant, plant, plant!! Flowers, plants, foliage is just another dimension to outdoor decorating.

deck flowers

Yes….those are palm trees….how could the Palm Tree Princess NOT have them? Helloooo?  ( Confused? Read more about me here)

Deck Planters Summer

We also built a pond. Yes, a pond.  (There will be a future DIY on pond building…stay tuned. You CAN…cuz I DID!)

pond twrd house

Pond overview


Fish closeup

We hope that everyone enjoyed their summers, and have bid farewell with a PSL from Starbucks in hand!

Part TWO of my Summer Season romance will be coming up…showcasing a family trip to Saugatuck Michigan. Such a quaint little beach town! Stay tuned!

Happy Friday everyone!!! ( AKA takeout night…mommy no cook night!! Woo-hoo!)



  1. Um, ponds (man-made and otherwise) bring snakes so I will pass on that DIY project. The way you are about spiders and ants – that’s me & snakes. I will enjoy photos of others’ ponds, but the closest to a pond I want to be is swimming at the CC.


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