Part Two of My Summer Drive By

Summer and Drive- By

And….I’m back.

How are you? Here in NW Indiana, Mother Nature has straightened up her act and has brought us more reasonable weather. Dare I say that I consider it quite magnificent!!? ( Sshh…. don’t tell…she hates me and will send crap weather as soon as she hears about my delight. Mums the word…k?)


Moving right along, in case you missed the last installment of My Summer Drive By, it can be read here. We are now moving into the part of this tribute ( to summer….pay attention!) where I give you a synopsis of our family trip, in July, to Saugatuck Michigan.

OMG…what a small, quaint, beachside town.

Saugatuck is located in the Southwest part of Michigan. It is adjacent to another tiny, charming town knows as Douglas. Both are filled with specialty shops, boutiques, cafes, and art galleries. Many restaurants border the water and add a serene vibe while dining. While Saugatuck is adjacent to the Kalamazoo River, the river does open up to Lake Michigan. There are several boat trips and tours that allow the visitor to get a better look at the surrounding landscape.

Our family stayed at a local hotel, but Bed and Breakfast options abound, as do smaller independent Inns, and Hotels. ( Next week, for my birthday, my hubby and I are taking another trip back….this time to a B&B) The area is filled with beaches, wineries, vineyards, fruit farms and orchards.

Here is a photo journey of our trip….hope this gives everyone a sense of the charming qualities this town offers!

Saugatuck Michigan Montage'

Gardens filled with beautiful cottages style, and planter boxes overflow with charm. The houses are unique, vintage, and awe-inspiring!  There is no shortage of ice cream parlors, fudge shops,  and boutique shopping.

A typical day would include sun, beaches, hiking, and an evening stroll into town for dinner, shopping and sights. People watching is always fun here….

Some evenings it was cool enough ( lakeside) to warrant a light sweater or sweatshirt.

Saugatuck Hydrangeas

A typical boutique landscape…..

Store windows invite you inside…..

Saugatuck shops

Store window saugatuck

( My FAV color!! Sigh…)

During a shopping trip, my girls entered a shop and found the CUTEST dog. She belonged to the shop owners, had the most unusual eyes… a pale purplish blue. I tried ( I swear) to take a picture, but she just wouldn’t cooperate. Here,  the girls are enamored by her and my older daughter is trying to open up the camera app on her phone to take a pic.  ( And yes…I detest those jeans, too)

Girls dog Saugatuck

As I said, many boat tours will take you out and showcase the surrounding area. Here is a shot from a tour we took…this is the pier off Oval Beach ( I think), opening up to Lake Michigan.

Boardwalk lighthouse saugatuck

Harbor Saugatuck

Passing nearby marina….

One day was spent picking local blueberries. We took them back to the hotel for snacking, and the rest made the trip home safely.

ash blueberry picking mich

Dinnertime was usually spent waterside, outdoor dining. Our youngest, is never allowed soda ( or pop depending on where you reside ;-) ).

Why? well….this should explain it.

Pepsi High Ash

Enough said.


Typical view at dinner…yeah, I know…roughin’ it. Someone has to in this economy. You’re welcome..

auty ash saugatuck

After dinner, more perusing local shops, strolling in and out. Of course, a summer night isn’t complete without the added octane of ice cream (more sugar) for a child high from Pepsi. Do I really need to explain this picture?

Didn’t think so.

Here are the calmer members of the family. My son, peev’ed that I keep snapping photos, and the hubby … AKA chipmunk cheeks. Busted him shoving chocolate turtles from local fudge shop, Kilwins. ( For those abroad who have no idea what a chocolate turtle is…no fears….no green hard shelled innocents harmed here. It is a name for a candy; nuts, walnuts usually, covered in caramel and then dipped in chocolate. ) Eric saugatuck


Here are the girls, on another night – minus the sugar rush.

Ash Autumn

And finally, in case you were fearful that the kids might have been bored with all the shopping and strolling….we took care of that too.

A day was spent at Michigan Adventure…a theme park owned and operated by Ohio’s Cedar Point. This is a scaled down version, but tons of fun is waiting here. I didn’t take too many pics, as I didn’t think it was a great idea to whip out the ‘ol camera awhile upside down…ya know?

But here are the older two riding the Ripcord. Insanity. No way I would ever do it. You are buckled into a jacket ( which oddly resembles a straight jacket), harnessed into a contraption that pulls you approx. 185 feet in the air. You are laying parallel to the ground, in the air. Once you are locked, staring at the ground ( and imminent death) at this height, one of the riders ( my daughter in our case), pulls the ripcord and you plummet toward the ground. The riders swing back and forth ( at high speeds and heights), free falling,  until they eventually slow enough to catch a hook put up by the operator.

Ripcord 2013

Can you tell from their expressions who’s idea this was?

If you ever get a chance to visit Saugatuck, I HIGHLY recommend it! It is a magical place, in almost any season. As noted, previously, the hubs and I will be taking a trip later in September for my birthday. We will be visiting the local wineries and staying at a quint B & B.

Happy Saturday !!

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