Sweet Treats Christmas!!

Sweet Treats Christmas!!

Welcome back to Part #3 of our Christmas Home Tour Series! ( Click on the colored links for part #1 & part #2)

In my version of a Sweet Treats Christmas, you will find gingerbread houses, trees trimmed in candy, and a train that will take us on a guided tour!!

At Christmas, my kids LOVE colorful displays of lights, and Christmas decorations! This year, I have attempted to turn our kitchen into a Candy land just for them!!!

As you walk into the kitchen, you are greeted with a 4 foot tall Sweet Treats Christmas Tree! Under the tree, a colorful train runs…and it even has lights for those dark, snowy evenings!!

sweets tree

sweets tree kitchen full view

train under tree

Most of the decorations on this tree were made by my daughter and I.

The cupcakes were made by painting Styrofoam balls and placing them in real cupcake liners. The “frosting” is made from painter’s caulk, with acrylic paint added for color. The “sprinkles” are made from leftover bits of polymer clay from other projects. ( Future DIY ;-)  )

cupcake ornament

cupcake ornament 2The Styrofoam swirl candies and  gum drops were made from Dollar Tree balls, painted with acrylic paint and put on a stem of  floral wire.

candy tree top

We have a fireplace in the kitchen, as well….which allows for extra decorating!!

 I have continued with the sweet treats Christmas theme…..

kitchen mantleA large gingerbread house, made from a cardboard base, and polymer clay accent pieces, sits amongst more gumdrops, candy and colorful ribbons.

The mantle top is, again, laden with white lights. A layer of tulle material lays on top, providing a soft winter’s glow at night.

kitchen xmas view

gingerbread house elfjester elf candy mantleOur mascot elf overlooks our Candy Land!

These adorable candy figures represent the favorite family sweet treats. They all have movable arms and legs, allowing for perfect placement.

candy mantle kitchen

candy men mantle

The blackboard in the kitchen has been decorated by using dry erase chalk markers. I couldn’t live without these things!!

christmas blackboard

Aren’t you feeling a little bit hungry !?

There isn’t a better feeling than to hear your child tell their friends how much they love their own home at Christmas….

because it feels cozy…





Our youngest can be found starting the train several times a day and taking pictures on her iPod to show her friends. As a mom, nurturer and home decorator lover, there isn’t a better compliment. I hope that my kids will carry these warm, happy feelings into their own homes one day…and carry on these same sentiments. We are only a child once!!! Why shouldn’t it be MAGICAL!?

Next on My Fairyality:

A final Christmas home tour…with a look at our Christmas Village!! Make sure to check back!!!

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