Craigslist SCORE!!

Craigslist SCORE!!

I know….I lied….I said I would be back Monday. But…I just had to share the “find” I got off of Craigslist!! Real quick. I have had an eye ( well…both eyes really…truth be told) open for a table that I can replace an ugly coffee table with, in the family room. I found this one. Right […]

Part Two of My Summer Drive By

Summer and Drive- By And….I’m back. How are you? Here in NW Indiana, Mother Nature has straightened up her act and has brought us more reasonable weather. Dare I say that I consider it quite magnificent!!? ( Sshh…. don’t tell…she hates me and will send crap weather as soon as she hears about my delight. […]

My Summer Drive-By

O Summer…… I feel abandoned. Stood up. You had barely just arrived, and now you have gone. Just when it was getting steamy, and exciting…you decide to go. You’re like a dirty birdy imposing a one night stand. You were hot, full of adventure, and then gone. Was I not enough? Did the times we […]